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Benchmarking in Call Centres.

This Manual will help you understand what Benchmarking is and what it isn't. If you're looking for easy answers, then this is not for you. It's the first published report to transfer benchmarking Know-How from the field of telecommunication technology to the people related performance of a Call Centre. If you want a flavour of its content read the article False Benchmarks.

Benchmarking a Call Centre is not a scientific process, but a methodology to help you identify and describe the work flow and processes in the Call Centre and then by comparing these to similar activities in other Call Centres to establish the Key Ingredients of what works well and what needs to be improved.. It is the Road you travel to get there rather than the World Class and Best of Class hype which contains the Rewards of Benchmarking your Call Centre.

Content :

1) What is Benchmarking

2) Defining Telemarketing for Benchmarking purposes

3) The Customer Contact Process

4) A Model for applying Telemarketing in Organisations

5) Benchmarking defined for Telemarketing Purposes

6) Best Practices and World Class

7) The Call Centre benchmarking Process : a) Planning, b) Analysis, c) Integration & d) Action

8) Benchmarking samples

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