New Trojan Horse program as Email attachment takes out all files on PC Hard Disc.

Before you panic go to where this particular program (not a virus) is described in detail. A thanks go to John Hilvert Internet journalist on the Australian who alerted me to the possibility of a "cry wolf" situation. The experts seem to agree that plain text Email cannot execute any deletions on your hard disc, so the original warning was misleading as it implied that reading the Email aol4FREE deleted you hard disc files - However a warning was issued yesterday ( 16 April by U.S DoE CIAC) about an Email attachment which when activated ( double clicked) will delete your Hard Disc.

The events as they unfolded on April 16,97.

On April 16 - A Warning has been received from the USA about a new Virus, sent as Email which when opened destroys all files on the hard disc. The Email is subject title : Judy Audevard, president of CCG, sent out the warning. The full message reads :

Read this... it could save your hard disc. A few hours ago. I opened an Email that had the subject heading of seconds of opening it, a window appeared and began to display my files that were being deleted. I Immediately shut down my computer, but it was too late. The virus wiped me out. It ate the anti-virus software that comes with the Windows 95 program along with F-prot AUS. Neither was able to detect it. Please be careful and send this to as many people as possible, so maybe this new virus can be eliminated. Judy Audevard, President Corporate Consulting Group, Inc April 14 1996.

April 18, 97 an Email from Judy Audevard confirms, she was just passing on the warning received from a friend.

April 16, 97 several hours later the US Department of Energy, Computer Incident Advisory Capability issued Bulletin H-47 with a warning that was indeed a Trojan Horse Program, not a virus, which when activated will delete Hard Disc files.

Summary : Judy Audevard felt she was right in issuing her warning, but she mistook an Email text for a an executable program ( attached to an email and called it a virus, rather than a Trojan Horse Program, which does not get detected by anti-virus programs.

If you want to know about Hoax Virus warnings read this information bulletin published by CIAC.



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