Predictive Dialling Overview

First the UK DMA published its code of practice in 1997 and now (1999) the DMA  has gone a step further an issued its best practice Guidelines for the US. It has become very important for Call Centre managers to understand what PD is and how it works. This page is open to comments and informative articles from users, vendors to help highlight the issue.



1. Predictive Dialler guidelines from DMA in the US 1999

The  new Guidelines from the Telephone Marketing Council of the DMA could mean your 1st generation dialler is obsolete as vendors move towards the soft dialler. Article by Michael McKinlay, Sytel Ltd UK

2.Predictive Diallers get the Wake-up Call

The New Code of practice from the UK DMA on predictive dialling.

3a. Predictive Dialling - what it really means

3b. Predictive Dialling defined

Article and note by Michael McKinlay, MD Sytel Ltd



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