The 1st NEAX Call Centre User Group Conference.

Summary: My personal views.

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Introduction: My personal views.

This was my first User Group Conference in Australia, arranged by NEC for their PABX clients. As someone who frequents most of the call centre conferences in Australia this was a real positive surprise. The hype was kept to a minimum and the opportunity to talk about the real issues was plentiful. NEC deserves praise for working hard to provide an open forum, and not insisting on beating their own drum. The user group came from many different call centre walks of life.. from The Mornington Peninsular Shire Council, the Port Arthur Port Authority to Universities, Newspapers, Financial Institutions, Tourism, Wholesale Distributors to Federal Government Agencies.

NEC is serious about becoming a player in the Call Centre Industry, symbolised by the presence of General Manager Corporate Communications Systems Division Mr. Daisaku Minato from Japan. The NEC ACD development team was represented by Manager Hiroshi Sakai and Manager Kingo Tezuka. General Manager Peter Crawford and his team of experts ensured that all discussions and questions had a high local content level.

No doubt Australia is one of the most successful export markets for NEC PABXs and with the growth of the Australian Call Centre market we can expect NEC to use CTI development to make the quantum leap into 5th generation Call Centre ACDs bypassing the proprietary platforms currently dominating the Industry. The real challenge for NEC is how to sustain and grow its current installed PABX-base and help the customers make the transition into computer integrated telephony and call centres. For my money this 1st NEAX Call Centre User Conference was an good first step.

Niels Kjellerup Editor. June 10th 1998

PS: As a presenter at this Conference I was not exactly the usual impartial observer.

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Conference Content :

1. How to Fire up your call centre without burning your budget

by Niels Kjellerup, Editor & Publisher of The Call Centre Managers Forum

2. Benchmarking : What you measure is what you get.

by Jennifer Howe Senior Partner Resource International.

3. Integrated call centre applications

by David Pryke Call Processing Systems

4. Measuring quality in the call centre

by John Bingle Call Centre Specialist , NEC Corporate Network Solutions

5. How to get more resources for your call centre

by Chris Mrakas CEO of Axio

6. Reducing abandonment: techniques to get those calls answered

by Grame Brown, State Manager NSW Genesys Laboratories  

7. Getting the most out of your ACD/PABX

by Tony Hollings Regional Manager Systems Engineering, NEC Corporate Network Solutions

8. Getting the most out of your QMaster

by Miles Valentine CEO of Voice Technology NZ

9. Designing an effective call centre

by Cameron Stirling Senior Consultant Deloitte & Touche Consulting

10. Managing a training program to improve customer service

by Vivienne Woodhouse Project Manager Morgan & Banks

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