Interview with MD Steven Weeks ( BIO here), New Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies by Niels Kjellerup Editor of The Call Centre Managers Forum published 28.04.00.  

Q1: "Since Lucent established itself in Australia and Asia in 1997 it has succeeded in becoming a major provider of Call Centre solutions. Will the new Lucent still be active in developing the Internet eNabled Call Centres ?"

A1: "Please refer to the new organisation as The New Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies.

In it’s eCommunication Networks strategy, The New Enterprise Networks Group will continue to be focused on Internet Enabled Call Centres, but is extending this further to the concept of Anymedia Customer Interaction Centres. In this, The New Enterprise Networks Group will enable customers to interact with their supplier via the communications media and device of their choice, and receive the same level of service that they traditionally received over voice. In expanding the Call Centre to an Anymedia Customer Interaction Centre, The New Enterprise Networks Group gives its customers the ability to develop Customer Intimacy with its own customers. In an ever increasing competitive world, and with the Internet Economy increasingly making the relationship a click away from loss, Customer Intimacy, or Customer Relationship Management irrespective of media, is going to ensure customer retention in the longer term."

Q2: "As a Networks solutions Company will Lucent focus on only large corporate and government customers ? "

A2: "The New Enterprise Networks Group will continue to support the Small to Medium Market, the large enterprise, Multinational Corporate and government customer base. The Small to Medium market is being addressed by The New Enterprise Networks Group’s increasing BusinessPartners team through its established distribution channels in both Australia and New Zealand.

Within both its data, voice and infrastructure products, The New Enterprise Networks Group is able to provide total converged eBusiness solutions.

Moving forward, The New Enterprise Networks Group is aggressively developing new eNabled solutions for this market including the IPES (IP Exchange Systems) suite of products specifically targetted at the IP enabled small to medium enterprise customer."

Q3: "The role of building networks in partnerships with new Telco’s has overshadowed Lucent’s role as a Call Centre innovator in the press. Please comment."


A3: "This is certainly not the case. Lucent Technologies, and The New Enterprise Networks Group will maintain it’s global Number 1 position in the Call Centre market. More so, The New Enterprise Networks Group will accelerate it’s position in this market now being totally focused on the Enterprise Customer segment.

Confirmation of this focus is being demonstrated throughout the region with a roadshow demonstrating our latest eBusiness Call Centre release (R8) which includes our latest Internet Agent solution. IP Agent allows a Call Centre agent to be ‘on line’ to the Internet, and receive and manage their calls over the Internet, whilst working from home or another remote location.

Lucent Technologies has received equal press on all fronts (Service Provider, Microelectronics and Enterprise) in the past. Many of the Enterprise customers are in fact Telco’s with our Call Centre solutions.

What you will see with the formation of The New Enterprise Networks Group is increased activity within the press, especially over the period of the new company formation, specifically targeted at reaffirming our position as the Number 1 supplier of eBusiness Communications Solutions."

Q4:  "Will New Lucent maintain its commitment to R&D and will the Bell laboratories still be part of it?"

Q5: "Many large corporations have changed direction recently from ‘a box provider’ to a solutions and network provider, IBM is a successful example, how do you see the New Lucent’s role?"

Q6:" In some Asian countries, HK for example, Lucent distributes its products and solutions through resellers. Is this a go-to market model which will be reinforced or do you see Lucent go directly to market? What distribution model is planned for the New Lucent?"

Q7: "Are you willing to offer some Call Centre market growth rates for Australia and Asia?"

Q8: "Will New Lucent still continue to support its Call Centre Customers direct?"

A8: " Please see A4. above, the same applies to the Call Centre market."

End of Interview


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