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  • The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work. By Perry Zeus & Suzanne Skiffington. Publisher McGraw-Hill Australia ISBN 0-074-70842-2

I like this book. What it is lacks in blood & guts from the battlefield of coaching it makes up for by covering every conceivable angle of coaching. It won't make you a coach, but it will certainly let you know-about coaching. Skiffington's academic background helps cover subjects and relate these to coaching in a very insightful manner.  Jack Welch CEO of GE talks of the leadership quality of the 3E's - boundless Energy, ability to Energize people & exploring the Edge- not fearful of change (for more read here); this book defines a coach along the same lines, in a more academic, generic manner. Lots of practical materials for a coach. Checklists from the authors own coaching practice. The chapter on Call Centre coaching is well informed and practical if somewhat clinical with a distance to the subject. Do you need this book ? Yes. Will it turn you into a coaching manager ? Probably not, unless you get someone to help you overcome your personal barriers to actually doing it. You can visit Perry Zeus's website by clicking here.

  • CENTRE-ING Customer Satisfaction. A guide to breakthrough performance through internalising a customer satisfaction culture and practices.

By Graham Williams. Publisher Centre-ing Services ISBN 0-620-21753-7

A treasure trove of ideas and how-to Models to help managers improve customer service. Deals with all issues involved from strategy, to operational to the emotional landscape needed to make it work. WOW. Highly recommended. Plenty of well documented ideas and methods. No Hype, no clichés. Graham Williams is an experienced Customer Service Consultant who gives you all his know how in 250 pages. If you are into Learning Organisation Ideas and want a practical How to do it Manual this would be my first pick. Email contact to author

  • The successful Sales managers Guide to B2B telephone sales.

By Lee R. Van Vechten. Publisher Business by Phone ISBN 1-881081-09-5

An excellent book for anyone who wants to expand market reach and want to do business over the phone professionally. The Author is probable one of the most knowledgeable telesales professionals on the planet. The book is completely cleansed for technology hype and focuses on the real issues of why we have Call Centers - to do more business at lower cost. No bull lots of common sense and know how. To order this book  or go to Lee Van Vechtens website.

  • Telemanage your customer TAM
    By Thomsen,Stone&Wheeler.Publisher Gower 1990 ISBN 0-566-02903-0.
    The complete case story of how British Telecom in 1984 developed and implemented a phone channel strategy (TAM) to service its large base of small to mid size business customers.
  • The Customer comes second

By Hal F Rosenbluth. Publisher Quill 1992 ISBN 0-688-13246-4
As Tom Peter say in the foreword "If you cannot work for Hal Rosenbluth, at least read his book". How HR built the largest corporate travel agency in the world.


  • Successful Telemarketing

by Stone and Wyman .Publisher NTC 1986 ISBN 0-8442-3133-9
This book by AT&T and Y&R Advertising got corporate America interested in the Phone Channel and helped make 800-numbers popular.


  • Telephone Marketing-How to build your business by telephone.

by Murray Roman. Publisher McGraw-Hill 1976; ISBN 0-07-053595-7
The first book to actually describe how to use the phone on a large scale. One of today’s leading call centre experts Rudy Oetting, although not credited, delivered nearly all the input for the book. In an age of no computers, no CTI and or IVR it covers all the basics.

  • Call Center Management On Fast Forward

Succeeding In Today's Dynamic Inbound Environment.

by Brad Cleveland & Julia Mayben. Call Center Press 1997; ISBN 0-9659093-0-1.

The best book published for Call Centre Management in the last 5 years. Provides a vital Foundation of Call Centre Operational Know How. Only weakness is that it needs a part two, which moves from the Operational Issues and take on call centres as a business strategy. The need to view Outcome of Calls , the life & death issues determining the survival of Call Centres. But first get your basics in place and buy this book. To order .

  • The Deming Management Method

by Mary Walton.Publisher W.H.Allen & Co Plc; ISBN1-85251-062-5

The father of TQM and the visionairy behind the Japan Inc Industrial miracle. A must read for anyone who wants to learn about corporate Process Improvement rather than the in-fashion instant success Formula Miracle Cures.

  • Letting GO

by John Wilfore & James R. Burnside. Publisher General Electric Company

ISBN 0-9624923-1-0

A GE Case Study: The Self-Directed Work team. 'Cost based productivity soared 106% when management loosened the reins of the GE Business Information Center.

Note: May be hard to get but well worth the effort. Try contacting

  • The Fifth Discipline & The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

by Peter Senge

ISBN 0-385-47256-0

Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organisation.

WOW - for those moving towards a Coaching Culture Call Centre; 

  • The Call Center Handbook
    by Keith Dawson 300 Pages, October 1996
    $34.95, Published by Call Center Magazine
  • The Call Center Dictionary
    by Madeline Bodin and Keith Dawson, 350 Pages, February 1996
    $19.95, Published by Call Center Magazine
  • The Complete Help Desk Guide
    by Mary Lenz, 300 Pages
    First Edition, 1996
    $24.95, Published by Call Center Magazine
  • Customers: Arriving With A History And Leaving With An Experience by Andrew Waite, 380 Pages
    First Edition, March 1996
    $27.95, Published by Call Center Magazine

Note : Several of the Call Centre publishers have book shelves with relevant titles. These links are included in the Links page.


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