The Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor Jim Soorley


The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Brisbane Councillor Jim Soorley

Jim Soorley is currently serving his third term as the Lord Mayor of Australia’s largest local government authority. It is a privilege he shares with only two Lord Mayors before him.

His re-election in March 1997 saw him returned with 60% of the vote and an increased majority for his administration in the Council Chamber.

The Lord Mayor’s success is largely attributed to his commitment to getting things done.

During his time as Lord Mayor he has confronted the challenge of managing growth and steering Brisbane towards the future as a forward looking and progressive capital city.

With a background in management and community involvement, Jim Soorley has been transforming the Council into an efficient customer service oriented organisation.

Jim considers the major achievements of his team to be effective management, environmental protection, better public transport and improving the livability of suburbs across the city.

Prior to being Lord Mayor, Jim was a management consultant, advising a number of prominent businesses in both Australia and the United States on training, recruitment and organisational design.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Sydney’s Macquarie University. Jim also obtained a Master of Arts in Organisational Development from Loyola University in Chicago, USA.

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