Australian Call Centre Surveys, published in 1997.

It is the time of year where surveys suddenly arrive at your desk and demand attention. Within a week two call centre surveys arrived; both giving interesting insight into the Australian World of Call Centres. And while it's hard to judge the statistical significance and validity of the findings you might find that each give you median figures which allows for comparisons to your own Call Centre operation. Compared with the DMA (US) telemarketing survey and trends both these surveys are severely limited by the size of samples surveyed and methodology.

Each Survey is for sale and does not permit publication of its contents, except in highlights of results which in my opinion is rather meaningless anyway. So if you want to read the reports you will have to buy them.


1. Call Centre and Telesales in Australia 1997 by CEASA. In 2000 changed name to

CEASA is a professional research group. The report contains the questionnaire used. The survey is based on 85 returned questionnaires, but does not specify what percentage this constitute of the Universe surveyed, it simply adds that the Survey was undertaken in cooperation with the ATCCA ( the old ATA).

Key highlights :

1) Number of workstations (positions in Call Centres) increased from 1995 to 96 by 74% and probably reflects the growth in Telebanking & Telecommunications. But definitely confirms that call centre is jobs-growth area.

2) On Out-sourcing. 16% of the respondents were looking at outsourcing and the main reason given was high or new Call Volume keeping the Call Centre free to focus on core business.

This report costs $650, but only $ 100 for ATA members. Contact or visit Homepage 


2. Call Centre Staff Salary Survey 1997 by Hallis. For 1998 report click here.

Hallis, a Staff Recruitment Company specialising in Call Centre staffing, has gathered information from 55 contributors. The Survey doesn't define the survey- universe, nor does it outline the questionnaire used to gather the information. The contributors are mainly located in NSW & Vic, so beware if you're from an other State and want to compare the salary figures. The survey has quiet a lot of information as to different skill levels, complexity of job on the phone and team leader responsibilities which demonstrates great insight into the Call Centre Industry and I'm sure the numbers will make interesting reading for Call Centre Managers.

Key highlights:

1) Sales Agent basic, salary package median $ 28,720. 10% lower in NSW than Vic and best pay is in the Financial Industry with $ 30,618.

2) Sales Team Leader, salary package median $ 38,643. 10% higher in NSW compared to Vic and best pay is in Manufacturing.

The report costs $100, but only $ 75 for members of CCMA. Contact Judy Davie at Hallis. Email ; voice 02 9241 3966


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