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Selected News Articles - Salaries, Wages, Enterprise-Bargaining.





ANZ faces wage battle ANZ Banking Group has been hit with a 7 per cent pay claim and faces employee and union resistance to its plans for more flexible working hours and cuts to award entitlements to days off. The enterprise-bargaining talks will be watched closely by … (711 Words) Australian Financial Review Wednesday 14th January 1998
Unions losing clout on pay rises Pay increases won by unions are falling in most sectors of the economy as low inflation, continuing high unemployment and a tough new resolve by employers takes the heat out of wage rises. So poor is the bargaining environment for unions that leading … (306 Words) Australian Financial Review Monday

12th January 1998

Asia and pay restraint Enterprise bargaining is still a novel concept for many Australian companies and employees. As the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Mr Ian Macfarlane, acknowledged before a recent parliamentary committee hearing, the introduction of a new system of decentral … (837 Words) Australian Financial Review Monday

12th January 1998

Pay claim goes ahead The new president of the Industrial Relations Commission, Mr Geoff Giudice, has rejected calls by the Federal Government and employers to delay considering the ACTU claim for a $20-a-week rise in minimum award rates until March. In one of his first ruling … (344 Words) The Age Wednesday 26th November 1997
Commission urged to delay $20 pay claim The Federal Government united with the states and employers yesterday to urge the Industrial Relations Commission to delay considering an ACTU claim for a $20-a-week rise in minimum award pay rates until March. The joint opposition came after the ACTU so … (447 Words) The Age Tuesday 11th November 1997
NatMut workers walk out over 14c pay claim National Mutual was hit by a rare strike by employees in its Victorian offices yesterday in a collective bargaining dispute with the Finance Sector Union. The FSU said about 400 National Mutual employees in Victoria voted at a mass meeting yesterday morning … (369 Words) Australian Financial Review Thursday 30th October 1997
Act more than a whimper, not quite a bang Peter Reith discovered something during this Workplace Relations Act’s first year of operation: those clamouring loudest for more reform were often not using the flexibilities already available. This hasn’t dampened the Government’s enthusiasm for a … (1200 Words) Australian Financial Review Tuesday 30th December 1997
Bank staff in 3pc non-union deal Employees of the Queensland-based Suncorp-Metway bank will receive pay rises of 3 per cent a year under a non-union enterprise agreement certified yesterday by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. The agreement, negotiated directly with employ … (341 Words) Australian Financial Review Wednesday 24th December 1997
Dispute bar in pay deals Dispute settlement procedures in enterprise agreements must include provisions to ensure that any dispute between employees and employers can be finally resolved, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission has ruled. In a decision handed down last month … (369 Words) Australian Financial Review Thursday 11th December 1997
Share scheme for ANZ employees ANZ Banking Group plans to introduce a new employee share plan that will offer staff members $1,000 worth of ANZ shares each year depending on the bank’s performance. The move, outlined in an internal memo, is linked to the bank achieving a "satisfa … (511 Words) Australian Financial Review Thursday 4th December 1997
Best practice in enterprise agreements Sweeping aside the acronyms and the buzz words (as much as possible), Christine Falvey tracks down the links between work practices and industrial relations. Peter Berry schools experts in the connection between best practice and enterprise bargaining … (628 Words) Australian Financial Review Thursday 4th December 1997
Key departments deadlocked on pay Wage bargaining by individual government departments has brought patchy results, writes Katharine Murphy. The Howard Government’s agenda to make individual departments run their own industrial affairs, part of a revolution which is quietly reshaping the … (771 Words) Australian Financial Review Friday 14th November 1997
Big decision for Woolies workers Employees at Woolworths Ltd’s Big W discount department store chain will gain pay rises worth 3.6 per cent a year under a proposed new enterprise agreement negotiated with the shop assistants’ union. The proposed national agreement - which Big W’s 11,000 … (477 Words) Australian Financial Review Saturday 24th October 1997
CBA is ‘making progress’ on enterprise deal Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Finance Sector Union have made "some progress" in enterprise negotiations, according to a senior human resources manager at the bank. The CBA’s deputy general manager of group human resources, Mr John Matt … (477 Words) Australian Financial Review Friday 24th October 1997
Optus inks pay deal, Telstra faces strike Optus Communications has secured employee support for a new non-union enterprise agreement which indexes workers’ base pay to inflation and maintains the company’s existing performance-based pay systems. Optus’s director of human resources, Mr George Web … (391 Words) Australian Financial Review Friday 10th October 1997
NAB in 3-year pay deal 12.8pc rise first for a major under IR rules National Australia Bank and the Finance Sector Union today will recommend that staff endorse a new enterprise agreement that removes all restrictions on part-time employment levels and clears the way for site agreements at the bank. The NAB deal also com … (577 Words) Australian Financial Review Wednesday 1 October 1997
This family gets little change out of $70,000 David Pleasance, 34, receives a total salary package of $70,000 a year as a project management engineer. After allowances, his taxable salary is $60,000. Some people may think Mr Pleasance would live a life of luxury. But after supporting his wife, Edwin … (403 Words) The Age Monday 12th January 1998
Car deals for public servants The use of a car lease as part of a salary package, once a benefit offered only to senior executives in the private sector, will soon be offered to all levels of employees in State and Federal Public Services. Leading the charge into salary packaging as … (661 Words) Australian Financial Review Monday 12th January 1998
Sacrifice and save on a new car SO you need a new car … and if it just so happens that your salary is up for annual review, you might throw the two together and save some money along the way. Even though you don’t strictly need a car for your job, if you have a boss prepared to all … (802 Words) The Age Monday 15th December 1997
Memo boss: sack me at your peril Companies are no longer safe against compensation claims by executives they sack, even if they obtain an indemnifying deed of release, after a landmark judgment yesterday. The decision also bars companies from arbitrarily dismissing senior executives, a … (331 Words) Australian Financial Review Thursday 4th December 1997
Emoluments based on ‘super boss’ myth There seems something very wrong about the way our large corporations are prepared to grossly inflate chief executive salaries while downsizing their staffs and forcing survivors to work longer hours. One salary package was recently quoted as exceeding $1 … (410 Words) Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 26th November 1997
‘Grab-all’ Trumbull’s package takes the heat AMP managing director Mr George Trumbull had a few words of wisdom to offer yesterday: "Be thankful for the gifts we have". But ironically, only moments before, Mr Trumbull was claiming that his three-year $17.8 million share and salary package … (375 Words) Sydney Morning Herald Friday 21st November 1997
Cars barely slowed by tax changes Cars have become such an integral part of any salary package that changes to the taxation treatment of luxury car leases have barely caused a blip in the luxury car market. In addition, with the trend towards more flexible workplace agreements and with c … (572 Words) Australian Financial Review Saturday 15th November 1997
Advice is the key Seeking the advice of remuneration specialists is obviously important. But just as important is talking to your accountant or financial adviser on how your package can be used in tandem with your other assets or private investment vehicle. With the adven … (351 Words) Australian Financial Review Saturday 15th November 1997
Salary stakes Understanding the performance component of your pay packet can lead to more dollars in the hand. To be first off the block, you need to understand exactly how your achievements translate into a better salary package - and what goes into that package. Emil … (402 Words) Australian Financial Review Saturday 15th November 1997


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